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Before I started coaching women, I was a luxury wedding photographer who was published in Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Southern Weddings booking weddings up to $17K and still having free time to enjoy my weekends. These days I am running a multi 6 figure coaching business with even more freedom. I’m on a mission to help my clients create the same freedom for themselves.

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It's time to do the real business strategy and identity work it takes to accelerate your business success. It's time to become someone who knows their numbers and how to leverage them, how to create content that sells, and how to become the ONE people seek out to hire. It's time to get inside the Masterclass Vault. 

I'm Aislinn eileen

Your go-to mindset + business coach for the creative CEO Baddie

I'm that girl. The one who was published in Brides and then said "peace out" to the wedding photography world after 14 years. Since then, I've scaled my coaching company to multi six figures and have supported dozens of women deepen their self trust, scale their businesses, and become more magnetic versions of themselves. It's your turn!

If you had told me I would be booking $10K weddings I wouldn't have believed you.

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Most educators will give you the strategy but never the mindset behind sustainable success. My courses and mentorship focus on BOTH so that you can take your business to the next level.

Success Accelerator Program
Creative Cash Flow Mastermind
Content Mastery

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For Wedding Pros

The podcast for wedding professionals and creatives who want to scale their businesses beyond 6 figures and have a badass mindset to match.

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I have booked multiple five-figure clients. 

I have shifted my work in my wedding business, and allowed myself more freedom with focused and intentional work/life balance.

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The Profitable Photographer

Ready to learn 3 of my favorite secrets that help my clients book better weddings, have more free weekends, and make money on repeat?

If you're into manifestation, business strategy, things I find funny + probably way too many videos of my 3 Doodles? You've come to the right place. 

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Ready to learn 3 of my favorite secrets that help my clients book better weddings, have more free weekends, and make money on repeat?